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How To Get Rid Of a Dry Scalp – The Best Solution For Dry Scalp

This problem can’t be listed in waiting list. Imagine yourself between your friends, colleagues or family while you rub your scalp. How to get rid of dry scalp? Yes, I know it is silly problem but you have to give it 5 minutes of your time (the duration of this article).

Let’s go…..

Firstly, you have to know the mechanism of your body (especially scalp) to understand: How it works and how to cure it.

Dry scalp is commonly happened in cool environments or weathers. Scalp goes dry or may be worse. Your scalp has sebaceous glands that produce a special kind of oil. This oil keeps your scalp moisturized and healthy. Once the oil production machine stopped, dry scalp troubles begin to appear.

Of course, dry scalp harms hair. It causes hair flaking and itchiness. Also you don’t like the look of frizzy hair. So, how to get rid of dry scalp and get healthy hair?

Actually, there are many remedies for such a case. Some of them are medical treatments and other is natural recipes. Personally, I prefer natural recipes. Also, you can make your private mix.

In the following, I’m going to share my personal and tested dry scalp natural recipes, and of course you are free to decide what is suitable for you.


1. Lemon Juice to Cure Dry Scalp :lemon-juice

Lemon juice is a natural antiseptic. It is good for itchiness. Generally, lemon juice is perfect in dry scalp treatment.


Gently, rub fresh lemon juice for the dry scalp. Leave it for 5 minutes then wash it with shampoo. If you find it so hard for your scalp you can dilute lemon juice by water.

Also, it is preferable to alternate lemon with the mix of lemon and milk. It is good for dry scalp, too. Repeat this recipe in daily basis till you feel that dryness disappears.


2. Tea Tree Oil to Get Rid of Dry Scalp :tea-tree-oil

Tea tree oil is an effective antifungal for healing dry scalp. It is very good for germs and scalp infections and of course is a treatment for itchiness.

There are many ways to use tea tree oil in dry scalp healing. We chose 2 methods to choose between them.

Firs Recipe:

Add 10 – 20 drops of tea tree oil to a half cup of kids shampoo. Stir the mixture well and use it in daily basis till you feel better.

Second Recipe:

Add 2 or 3 drops of tea tree oil to 1 table spoon of any type of vegetable oils. Rub in your scalp every day. Use this recipe for 1 or 2 weeks till you feel better.


3. The Magical Effect of Aloe Vera on Dry Scalp :aloe-vera-and-dry-scalp

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant species of the genus Aloe. Its features include moisturizing the scalp. It reduces dryness of hair and scalp, and prevents itchiness.


Put a little of Aloe Vera on your dry scalp and gently rub it. Let Aloe Vera on your scalp for 10 – 15 minutes and then wash it by kids’ shampoo.


4. Coconut Oil :coconut-oil-for-dry-scalp

Coconut oil is another one of moisturizing oils. It keeps skin and scalp moisturized and healthy. So, it is effective natural recipe for dry scalp.


Carefully, wash your scalp. In case of coconut oil, scalp should be clean. Rub the scalp with a little of coconut oil and leave it for 30 – 60 minutes. Finally, wash your scalp with kids’ shampoo. (To not repeat this note again: Generally in dry scalp healing, you have to use non-perfumed types of shampoo such as kids’ shampoo).

If you want additional valuable use of coconut oil, I recommend to heat a little of oil and add it to shampoo directly before use.


5. Soda Bread :soda-bread

Soda bread is another antifungal that it reduces itching. This recipe is a little different from previous. So, don’t hesitate to try it.


Firstly, rub the scalp with olive oil. Then make bread pasta that it mixed with soda bread and water. Rub it to your scalp. Leave the pasta for 10 – 15 minutes, and then rinse it by water only.





6. Bananas to Get Rid of Dry Scalp :bananas-and-dry-scalp

If you like to eat bananas, it will be a good experience to try it in healing dry scalp. Also, bananas are good catalyzer for hair growth. It has feeding and moisturizing features that reduce scalp infections and dandruff.


Mash couple of bananas with a fresh piece of avocado. Rub this mixture for your scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse it well.




7. Apple Cider Vinegar for Dry Scalp :apple-cider-vinegar-for-dry-scalp

Apple Cider Vinegar is a very powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-virus. It kills viruses and yeasts that cause itchiness. Also, apple cider vinegar balances acidity levels in scalp that helps in reducing itching and dryness.


  1. Rinse your hair with clean water and leave it till it becomes dry.
  2. Mix equal amounts of apple cider vinegar and water.
  3. Put the new mixture in a spray bottle.
  4. Prepare some of dry cotton balls.
  5. Spray your dry scalp and use cotton balls to distribute liquid on head.
  6. 5 – 10 minutes later, wash your scalp with shampoo.
  7. Use this recipe two times a week.


8. Sesame Seed Oil :sesame-oil-for-dry-scalp

Sesame seed oil is very nutritious oil. It heals wounds and avoids itching. So, it is effective for you to get rid of dry scalp.


Heat up a little of sesame oil for a moment. Rub your dry scalp with the warm oil every night before going to bed. To get the best result, it is preferable to massage the scalp by your fingers for 10 minutes. After that, wrap your head by hot towel for another 10 minutes. Finally, go to bed.

Putting sesame oil on head every night equals ideal moisturizing forever. In the morning wash your head with shampoo. Use this recipe as long as you need it.


9. Jojoba Oil to get rid of dry scalp:jojoba-oil-to-get-rid-of-dry-scalp

It is the extracted oil of jojoba plant. Its benefits are countless. It looks like the oils that our body produces. So, it is familiar to our bodies. It is effective natural medication for moisturizing dry scalp.


Rub your dray scalp with a little of jojoba oil for few minutes before going to bed. Don’t wash your hair. Let it for one night and wash it in the morning. Wash the scalp with shampoo.

Jojoba oil is the best recipe to get rid of dry scalp for one reason: You don’t need to use it more than once a week.

To get the best result of one of the previous 9 recipes to get rid of dry scalp, you need to use one of them regularly for certain period of time. This is the only way to make any of them effective treatment for you.

Again, all of above recipes are natural recipes. I don’t indicate by all means that chemical medications or any cosmetic pharmacist will not get a positive result, but personally I prefer natural recipes.

Finally, if you can’t get rid of dry scalp after read this article, please visit this Product i have writing an review about it and we hope will be helping you to get rid of dry scalp us soon .

How to get rid of dandruff Fast and Permanently

Dandruff is a very difficult scalp condition to deal with, and when left untreated, it can get quite severe and tough to eliminate. Fortunately, there are actual ways to effectively get rid of even the most severe dandruff with ease. However, before trying to treat anything, it is highly vital that you learn about all the causes of this condition so that you know how to properly terminate the main source of your dandruff. No matter how bad your dandruff is, there will always be new and improved treatments that can work for you.



Causes of Dandruff :

The exact main cause of dandruff or also known as Pityriasis simplex capillitii is unfortunately not known. Fortunately many experts have agreed that dandruff does not appear because of poor hygiene. There are a couple potential causes to dandruff that can increase your risk to getting the condition.
– Lack of brushing hair
A common cause to dandruff is the lack of brushing your hair. The reason to this is that the brush actually helps to aid the shedding skin from continuously drying up. The more you brush your hair, the more moisture your scalp will be able to retain.

– Yeast 

Quite a lot of people that are sensitive to yeast tend to be more prone to getting dandruff. This basically has given doctors the knowledge in knowing that yeast can be a factor to dandruff appearing. However, due to the fact that weather, stress related problems, and other lifestyle changes can cause the skin on the scalp to dry up, yeast may not have an effect to dandruff production at all.

– Certain hair products

There are quite a lot of products out there that contain chemicals that can dry up the scalp and make you more prone to dandruff. Research has also stated that using too much shampoo or conditioner can cause the scalp to be more sensitive.

A couple other factors that can produce dandruff include stress, diet, constant sun exposure, fungus inflammation, and even naturally dry skin. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to treat your dandruff even with the regular house products you already own.

How to get rid of dandruff :


In order to get rid of your dandruff, it is very important that you find what is mainly causing it to occur. If you are noticing your life is getting a little stressful, or if any of the above aspects apply to your life, then maybe it is time to make a small modification in your lifestyle. Obviously, if you have dry skin, you will have to moisturize more often than usual, and if your diet is the cause, changing your diet will be advised. Once you have been able to pinpoint one of the main factors to your dandruff production, you can then be able to find a treatment that best suits your situation.

Most Effective Products To Get Rid Of Dandruff :


1- Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo for Anti Dandruffmaple-holistics-sage-shampoo-for-anti-dandruff

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  • Shampoo contains sodium
  • One of Maple Holistics most original and best-selling formulas, Sage Shampoo can help eliminate dandruff in an easy and natural way.
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  • Free of parabens, phthalates, fragrances and sulfates.
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2- Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 7 Oz

About the Product
  • Shampoo fights dandruff outbreaks
  • Ketoconazole 1% controls flaking, scaling, and itching
  • Use just twice a week
  • Thick, rich lather rinses clean






3- PURA D’OR Scalp and Dandruff Therapy Shampoo 

with Argan Oil and Tree Tea, 16 fl. oz :pura-dor-scalp-and-dandruff-therapy-shampoo-with-argan-oil-and-tree-tea

About the Product
  • The Itch Stops Here. Powerful natural formula soothes scalp, relives itching and reduces dandruff. Aloe Vera based.
  • Science + Nature. Certified Organic Ingredients. No SLS (Sulfates). No Parabens. No Harmful Chemicals. Gluten Free. Dr Trusted. Hypo-Allergenic. Cruelty Free. Made in the USA. Color Safe.
  • Get to the Root of the Problem. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. This revitalizing blend of organic extracts and oils soothe and nourish providing dry scalp relief.
  • Daily Dry Scalp Treatment. Exclusive blend natural ingredients including Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, Biotin, Argan Oil and Vitamins B & E, nurture the scalp and minimize flaking and itching.
  • Gentle Yet Effective. Ultra-nourishing blend of premium oils & vitamins specially formulated for a healthier scalp. Gentle enough for daily use.


– Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most effective natural moisturizers out there. It helps to really go deep into the roots of the scalp to help maintain and retain moisture. It is important however to use the purest form of this natural plant if you wish to receive the most benefits from it. If you would like, consider buying your own aloe Vera plant, and just squeeze out the juice whenever you need to apply it on your dandruff. To make the get the most out of this plant, consider to also apply it before you go to bed, then rinse it when you wake up. Aloe Vera can also help to prevent hair fall.

– Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is also a really great natural treatments for dandruff, as it can help to really provide extensive moisture to even the driest dandruff. After you take a shower, rub and massage a pinch of coconut oil all throughout your head to provide the needed moisture your scalp needs to be less prone to dandruff.

In conclusion, it is important that you consult a professional to understand the unique type of dandruff you have. The moment you find out the root cause of your dandruff, you will then be able to really eliminate the dryness of this scalp condition while at the same time prevent it from coming back.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Dandruff

How does it feel when you got dandruff on your scalp? It’s icky and embarrassing, especially when the flakes are seen on your clothes. You will be in an awful situation when someone is going to approach you and will see the flakes. This is where you need to remedy your scalp and hair condition. Or else, this will be a problem that is going to go on and on, and worse if left untreated will cause more damage than you could imagine.


Before we even attempt to use apple cider vinegar for dandruff, let’s tackle first as to the reasons as to why dandruff occurs, and later on, how to use APV as a successful dandruff treatment.


Reasons Why Dandruff Occurs


Before we even treat dandruff, let’s take a look first as to why it occurs in the first place. This will give us an overview as to why dandruff happens and eventually avoid it. When you scratch your head, you see flakes, your scalp is very itchy, bleeds or has an odor into it, your dandruff is caused by your scalp producing too much oil. This will lead to building up of bacteria.


Dandruff is usually caused by a fungus (yeast-like). This fungus is present in every person. However, there are those who do have it in abundance. Maybe you happen to be one of them. It has been noted there are factors that can lead the fungus to flare up, itchiness, and scaling. These factors are allergies, and stress.


Most of us believe that dandruff is caused by too much shampooing your hair. This does not hold any truth to it. In reality, dandruff occurs due to an imbalance on the skin. Such imbalance should be treated in order to stop dandruff. This is why apple cider vinegar for dandruff helps you in stopping the causes and symptoms which will yield to living a dandruff-free life.


How Does Apple Cider Vinegar For Dandruff Works


Apple cider vinegar has been used over centuries. It can be used in order to preserve food or to serve as a medicinal aid. It can be used as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory aid. We all know that too much oil can lead to building up of bacteria. With this, APV comes to the rescue. It will stop the bacteria and fungus build up.


Apple cider vinegar is all natural. It does not contain any harsh chemicals at all. Therefore, it serves as a good remedy to treat dandruff. People who have used APV find relief without having to worry about their scalp or hair. Using it as part of one’s daily hygiene is a good way to stop dandruff to occur.


If you are one of the many people out there suffering from an itchy scalp, from dandruff, then why not give apple cider vinegar a try. You will definitely see results in just a matter of days or weeks. The time frame as to when you will see positive results will depend upon the severity of the symptoms. Always, at all cost uses an organic version of APV. This will give you an assurance that you are using the real deal, the very APV that had helped a number of people in treating the causes of dandruff.


Different Ways In Using Apple Cider Vinegar To Treat Dandruff


Apple cider can be used as it is in order to treat dandruff. However, it can be mixed together with other organic or all natural remedy in order to get more positive results. How you are going to use APV in treating your dandruff depends on the severity of the symptoms.


Mild Dandruff

For those who are suffering with mild dandruff, what you need to do is to to have an APV weekly rinse. Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and cool water. Massage the mixture into your scalp. This will help in managing having to oily skin at the same time keeping away the occurrence of flakes and bacteria build up.


Moderate Dandruff


If your dandruff happens a couple of times within a week or even more, what you need to do is to use 1 cup of APV and mix it together with your shampoo. Use this mixture everyday. This will serve as a good defense against the occurrence of dandruff.


Severe Dandruff


If you are suffering from severe dandruff what you can do is to use an apple cider vinegar. Massage it straight to your scalp. Do this every other day within a week or until such time the symptoms of dandruff lessen. You need to be aware as to the side effects of using APV directly into your scalp, it can cause your hair to dry up and can lead to a burning sensation if there are open sores.


For those who do have sensitive skin, you need to mix APV with a little bit of water. This is to minimize the effect of apple cider vinegar to your scalp. Or, you can mix it together with a shampoo that has selenium in it.


You can also mix honey with APV. Honey has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial components. Plus, it has a soothing effect when applied on the scalp. This makes it a good addition when you use apple cider vinegar for dandruff. It is a good treatment to use for those suffering with a very itchy and painful scalp.


Apple Cider vinegar for dandruff is definitely one good remedy in treating dandruff. It is all natural, organic, and give positive effects. Use it sparingly according to the kind of dandruff you have. Or better yet, mix it with other natural remedy in order to get its full effect and be treated faster.


Are you now ready to use APV as a treatment to your vinegar? Always remember to buy an organic one not a processed version of apple cider vinegar. This is to ensure you get what you have paid for without jeopardizing its effects into your scalp.

Deciding on Straightforward Methods Of How To Get Rid Of Dandruff

Dandruff has become one of the major scalp problems around the world. This problem is so common that everyone suffers from it at least once in his or her lifetime. What cause dandruff exactly, is a question, which has not been answered until now? Occurrence of dandruff is related to various diseases and ailments like psoriasis, eczema and bacterial and fungal infection. Apart from this, some people also think that dandruff also occurs due to unhygienic conditions like scalp and hairs are not cleaned properly. Several companies that manufacture cosmetic and personal hygiene products try to provide dandruff products claiming that they have the best dandruff treatment.

If you do not treat dandruff on time then it can become severe due to aggressiveness of cause. Mainly dandruff is cause by bacterial or fungal infection caused due to unclean hair and scalp. This bacteria may, when comes in contact with the sebum secreted by the root of hair, dandruff persists. It becomes aggressive in those people who have oily scalp or eat too much oily food. You can find several anti-dandruff shampoos and creams at the nearest drug store who claims to cure the dandruff with the first wash only.

As a user of these dandruff treatments, you should not be influenced by the advertisement and the promises they make because most of them are false. Hence, before buying any shampoo or dandruff treatment see that they have the following qualities:

1. It has antibacterial or anti-fungal properties: most of the time dandruff occurs due to bacterial or fungal infection hence it is important to get rid of the infection first before treating the dandruff. If the shampoo has anti-bacterial or anti-fungal properties, then treating the infection would be very easy. Try to have the treatments with neem or black pepper extracts as they have great anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

2. The treatment should not have harsh chemicals: to provide relief from the dandruff so, some of the so-called best dandruff shampoos use harsh chemicals or in extra amount to remove the dandruff with the first use only. However, they do not realize that repeated use of such shampoos can cause harm to the scalp and the hair making them dry, matted, and brittle. Some of the dandruff shampoos can also lead to allergies of the scalp making the problem worse. Try to have the herbal products, which have natural ingredients or go for the homemade remedies. These remedies are safe to use and do not cause any harm the scalp skin.

3. It should be moisturizing – dandruff treatment that leave the scalp and hair dry can make the dandruff problem worse. Therefore, you should only use those shampoos or the treatments, which have moisturizing properties.

The chemicals present in theses shampoos and creams are very harsh on the scalp skin. Their major task is the removal of the excessive sebum or the natural oil present on the scalp to reduce dandruff occurrence. This natural oil is essential for providing moisture to the hair and the scalp. If it will be removed fully from the scalp, hair will become prone to drying and matting. Moreover, these chemical based so-called best dandruff treatments do not get rid of dandruff permanently. It will work until you are using the shampoo and not afterwards.

Natural treatment or herbal products are the best suited for the treatment of the dandruff as they do not have any side effect or negative effect on hair or scalp. Cradle of Mother Nature is full of miraculous herbs, which human beings have been using since time immortal to make our lives better and sustainable. Here are some simple dandruff remedies, which can help you to get rid of this problem:

– Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with 3 table spoon of coconut oil. Apply this mixture onto the scalp 3 minutes before washing hair, and then wash it off with gentle protein shampoo.

– Aloe Vera gel is great in treating dandruff if applied on the scalp. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off with shampoo.

Try to go for the homemade dandruff remedies as they are harmless to the scalp skin and hair. Keep your hair clean by washing them at least twice a week and regularly conditioning them.


Dandruff Treatment: Solutions that Work

Dandruff is a common condition that affects both males and females. This condition can be uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing. You do not have to suffer in silence if you have dandruff. You can learn how to reduce dandruff by applying some simple strategies. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor to rule out any underlying medical conditions. Some medical conditions can cause flaky and dry skin. It is possible to get this condition from other people when you share some personal items including

· Towels

· Combs

· Hairbrushes

Dandruff has also been related to stress. If you have the condition, you may notice that it gets worse when your stress levels are high. This is attributed to the fact that stress impairs some of our body functions. Find ways to relax and eliminate unnecessary stress in your life to lower the severity of your condition.



You can take advantage of home remedies for dandruff. These remedies are natural and this reduces the risk of suffering from side effects. Here are some effective dandruff treatment solutions.


Get Adequate Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays a very important role in oil production in the skin. You need to get adequate exposure to the sun early in the morning or in the evening when it is not too hot. However, it is essential to use sunscreen to protect your skin from ultraviolet rays, which can be damaging.



This common kitchen ingredient is a great solution to your dry and flaky scalp. Vinegar offers relief from itching. It contains various helpful ingredients that can help to reduce dandruff. Apple cider vinegar is the best option because it eliminates dead skin cells in your scalp. The dead skin cells can clog your hair follicles, which causes the flaking. The apple cider vinegar can be massaged directly into the hair for a few minutes. You can also add a tablespoon on vinegar in your last rinsing water when you clean your hair. The vinegar has potassium, which helps to remove dead skin. Avoid using any vinegar that has been chemically treated on your hair. Vinegar has a strong scent, which some people find disturbing. The scent will go away as soon as your hair dries.


Olive Oil

This healthy oil is a perfect solution if you happen to have dandruff. The olive oil does two main things for your scalp including:

· Moisturizing

· Clarifying

It is effective but you have to use the oil regularly. Massage it into the scalp at least once a day to get great results. It is advisable to wash your hair within 10 hours after you use olive oil. Wrap your hair in a scarf before you sleep. This will prevent the oil from being absorbed into your pillowcase.


Castor Oil

This is another great solution if you are wondering how to reduce dandruff. Castor oil works well on itchy and dry scalps. It offers both antibacterial and antifungal properties. This oil has a variety of nutrients that will treat your scalp by moisturizing it and getting rid of the flakes. These ingredients include:


· Vitamin E

· Omega-6 fatty acids

· Amino acids

Massage the castor oil into your scalp and wrap your hair in a warm towel. Leave the oil on your hair for about 15 minutes then wash it off. This will help to unclog your follicles.


Aloe Vera

This is one of the most effective home remedies for dandruff. Aloe vera soothes the skin and helps to repair any damaged skin. This is important if you have been itching and broken some of the skin on your scalp. It also moisturizes and this helps to reduce drying. Aloe vera has antifungal and antibacterial properties that can help reduce dandruff. Use pure aloe vera on your scalp.


Tea Tree Oil

This oil has antibiotic and antiseptic properties that make it an ideal choice if you have a flaky and itchy scalp. The oil can be massaged directly into your scalp. You can also add some tea tree oil drops to your normal shampoo to enjoy its benefits each time you wash your hair.



Hibiscus leaves are a great dandruff treatment. They will also help to improve the texture of your hair. To use the leaves, grind them to make a paste. Apply this paste into your scalp and leave it on for about half an hour. Wash your hair thoroughly after this.



Eggs can be used on hair to reduce itching and flaking. Beat some eggs and apply them into the scalp. Leave the eggs in your hair for at least a couple of hours. They will get rid of the dandruff and give your hair a great sheen.


Fenugreek Seeds

Seeds can also be helpful if you are in search of natural remedies for your dandruff problem. To use these seeds, soak them overnight. You only need about two tablespoons. Once they are well soaked, use a grinder to make a paste. Add a tablespoon or two of yoghurt into the paste. Apply this mixture into your hair and scalp and leave it to dry. Wash your hair normally after the mixture dries.


Apple Juice

Apple juice can help you to manage your dandruff. Massage some of the juice into your hair after washing. You can rinse it off or leave it on your hair.



You need to maintain proper hygiene if you have dandruff. Wash your hair regularly to prevent dead skin from building up on your scalp. You can choose to wash it everyday or alternate days. However, too much washing can dry out your scalp and make the condition worse. Find a perfect balance based on your individual condition. Wash your hairbrushes and combs regularly and avoid sharing them. This will prevent re-contamination as you use these remedies to control the dandruff.


Moisturize and Condition

Some of the solutions you use to address the flaking and itching can dry the scalp. This makes it necessary to moisturize and condition your scalp regularly. Identify a conditioner and moisturizer that are designed to control dandruff. It may take some trial and error before you find a product that works well for you but it will be worth it when you stop itching.




Natural Remedies to Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

Dandruff is a skin condition commonly caused by seborrheic dermatitis or as a result of a dry scalp. The condition may also be caused by Psoriasis, Eczema or Malassezia, yeast like fungus. An infected person can resort to drugstore medication, but the natural methods are more effective, reliable, easy and cheaper methods of preventing and curing dandruff.


Here are dry scalp, dry scalp remedies, how to get rid of dandruff, natural remedies for dandruff:


Tea Tree Oil: 

Use a shampoo with tree oil as an ingredient or simply add tree oil drops to a shampoo to get effective and faster results. Tree oil is may cause allergies, its itchy and smells strong. Use small amounts for a short period on the scalp.


Baking Soda: 

The kitchen baking powder is very effective in treating dandruff when used for a long period of time. Baking powder reduces itchiness in the scalp leading to flake free head skin. First, wet the hair using some cloth, take a handful of baking powder, and apply it on the affected areas. Rub the scalp vigorously aided by the baking powder. Do not use shampoo; skip directly to warm rinse.


Apple Cider Vinegar: 

Apple cider has been endorsed by Dr. Oz. It is argued that the acidity in the apple cider alters the scalp pH, making it almost impossible for the yeast to thrive. Here is the cure procedure;


· Prepare ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar

· Add ¼ cup of water in the mixture

· Add the mixture in a spray bottle and then shake accordingly

· Spritz the bottle content on the scalp

· Use a towel to wrap the head, wait for about half an hour

· Wash the hair normally, repeat this twice a week


Baking Powder:

Baking powder kills the fungi that cause the dandruff on the scalp. The skin may appear dry in the initial stages of use; this will disappear as the scalp begins to produce its own natural oil. The results of using baking powder are soft hair and skin free from flakes.


Coconut Oil:

Coconut is tried and tested, number one natural treatment for dandruff. The user can decide to use the products with coconut or use the coconut directly before taking a shower. Allow to sit on the scalp for about a half an hour before naturally shampooing.



Lemon has lots of acid; the acid neutralizes the scalp pH, creating condition not conducive to the fungus.


· Cut the lemon into two pieces

· Extract the lemon juice into a glass or some container

· Star one table spoon of lemon into one cup of water

· Rinse the hair using the solution

· Repeat this until the dandruff disappear


Ease the Mind:

It is scientifically proven that dandruffs flare up in people suffering anxiety and depression. Chronic stress is not suitable for a skin. Incase moods lead to dandruff outbreak, follow these procedures to ease the situation:

Release the stress situation through healthy methods

UV light is very important during winter

Consult personal doctor for further assistance


These are just a few of the dry scalp, dry scalp remedies, how to get rid of dandruff, natural remedies for dandruff. Other effective natural methods include omega 3, Aloe Vera, selenium and zinc.

Discover Safe Ways to Get Rid of Dandruff and Enjoy a Healthy Scalp

Dandruff is one of the most common dermatological problems that affect people of all ages. The excessive accumulation of dead skin cells on your scalp leads to the formation of dandruff and it is in the form of white flakes. It is clearly visible to the naked eye and you can see it whenever you comb your hair. You can’t exactly predict when you will be affected by dandruff and the best way to avoid it is to safeguard yourself against it by taking the necessary precautions. Dandruff can be caused by all sorts of reasons such as improper diet, lack of sufficient hydration in your body and over exposure to sunlight. But the occurrence of dandruff can also be due to the sensitive scalps which object to the use of certain type of hair products.

There are numerous ways through which you can explore on how to get rid of dandruff permanently. But the best ways are often those which are done naturally as they don’t create and harmful side effects which can make your condition even worse. Even doctors recommend the use of natural remedies to get rid of dandruff. You can take a look at the following natural ways to get rid of dandruff and stay clear off the embarrassment it causes.

-Give your scalp a hot oil massage at least once a week. Take a small cup of coconut oil and heat it till it reaches lukewarm temperature. Then use a small ball of cotton wool to apply the heated oil evenly throughout your scalp. Leave the oil as it is on you scalp for an hour or so before washing your hair. To get the best results, leave it overnight.

-Vinegar has excellent anti-dandruff properties. Add a small quantity of vinegar to a bowl of water and use it as the last rinse when you shampoo your hair. This will help fight dandruff.

-Applying a paste of fenugreek evenly on your scalp will also help to contain the accumulation of dandruff and prevent its reoccurrence.

-Lemon juice is also capable of fighting dandruff effectively. Just like vinegar, add the juice of a lemon to a bowl of water and use it as the last rinse when you shampoo.

-Curd which has been well fermented can be applied over your scalp and it should be left to stand for at least an hour before you finally rinse it off. Doing this regularly, will help keep dandruff at bay.

The above mentioned dandruff home remedies can be easily prepared at home without much effort in a matter of minutes and they offer promising results when used on a prolonged basis. All of them have been in use for centuries and scores of people have benefited from their use. Not only do they get rid of dandruff, these remedies have the potential to improve the condition of your hair and make its texture look soft and smooth. So don’t hesitate to give these remedies a try in case you are constantly facing issues in trying to gain relief from dandruff.

Effective natural remedies for dandruff that you didn’t know!

Are dandruff bothering you? If yes, then you must be looking for ways and measures that can assist in eliminating the nuisance. Basically, dandruff are a major source of unrest. They also bring embarrassment especially if they have turned out to be chronic. According to objective researchers, the following natural remedies can aid in complete elimination of dandruff:


1. Tea tree oil 

This strong-smelling liquid is one of the most effective treatment remedies for dandruff. The oil should be applied on the patches. If used on a regular basis, it can assist within a short period of time.


2. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known to be an effective solution to various health conditions. This plant has been approved by various dermatologists for use in treating dandruff. Aloe can ease the itchiness of dandruff. For best result, cut a fresh aloe leaf and squeeze the liquid directly on the dandruff patches.


3. Use of baking soda 

This is one of the least known dandruff treatments. It should be used regularly. Baking soda should be applied on the patches thrice a week. If used as indicated, impressive results will be noticed during the third week. However, the duration for improvement may vary depending on the individual.


4. Use of olive oil

Olive oil assists in temporary removal of dandruff flakes. The oil is applied on the patches using a clean hand. If you are treating dandruff in your hair, it is advisable to comb your hair after applying the oil. Combing should be done after an hour. Avoid applying too much oil on the hair since it may be a source of nuisance when treating hair.


5. Relax 

According to research studies, a person who is depressed and anxious is most likely to develop dandruffs. Stress is known to cause a lot of damages on the skin. In that case, it is advisable to look for good ways of releasing stress. Meditation, exercising and travelling are some of the ways that can assist you get rid of stress.


6. Improve the numbers of good bacteria

Good bacteria can reduce the quantities of yeast in the body. They also reduce the inflammation in the skin. Therefore, taking probiotics that contain beneficial bacteria is a good idea.


7. Consumption of omega-3 fatty acid

Omega-3 fatty acids aid in the elimination of dandruff by lowering body inflammation. Good sources of these fatty acids include fish oil capsules.

8. Intake of vitamins 

B vitamins e.g. vitamin B6 and B12 are very significant in the control of dandruff. It is therefore a good idea to ensure that these vitamins are included in our diet. They can also be taken as supplements.





This article confirms to us that dandruff should bring no frustrations to us. This is because its control measures are cheap and they are readily available. The above measures are:

. Safe

.Cheap and

.Readily available


The good news is that all the measures that have been explained above are effective provided that they are used as directed. This fact has been confirmed by users who have tried them. You should therefore try it!


How can you Get Rid of Dandruff?

Dandruff is the common problem that most of the people face. Presence of dandruff on the scalp can lead to the increase in hair loss which can gradually lead to lessening the thickness of the hair. The dandruff is the major problem that needs to be solved else can lead to a greater problem with your health. There are greater problems that can be occurred when dandruff become much increased on scalp. The dandruff can be easily solved with the help of various methods which are available naturally and which cannot produce much amount of side effects when used.

Lemon can be made used for the purpose of removing dandruff from your scalp effectively. You need to apply the lime juice on scalp and keep it like that for some amount of time there. It is important for you to wash the lime juice from the scalp effectively so that dandruff can be gone in a better manner.

Washing the hair daily can be helpful for getting the dandruff get removed from scalp. The hair need not be washed not much obsessively so that you can get the dandruff out of the scalp fast. When you are washing the hair, just wash it without using any harsh shampoos daily. The anti-dandruff shampoo can be made used for washing your hair only until the flakes of the dandruff is removed from the scalp. The dandruff shampoo should be given appropriate amount of time for working. When you are making use of the antidandruff shampoo, leave it on the hair for about five minutes after applying it on it. After that wash off the shampoo so that dandruff will also be removed.

After getting your hair washed with shampoo and shower, you can brush the hair properly for preventing any dandruff to affect the scalp in the future. When you are brushing, it helps the spreading of the essential oil over the scalp and hair. You need to comb the hair in the outward direction. Dandruff can occur due to the situations of stress and so it is always better for you to avoid the situations that can cause stress in you. You should try out some means daily for forcing out the stress that is within you.

The food that you eat is also helpful in the prevention of dandruff and can also reduce the amount of dandruff over the scalp. The food that you are having should be taken car so that you are sure that it can produce only positive impact on the body. Fast foods and sugary food in large amount can lead to the issues related with hair, scalp and skin. It is always better for you to choose natural and good quality food to be included in the diet.

It is necessary for you to follow healthy habits. You should not make use of the towels of others for drying your hair and also do not use the comb of others for brushing your hair. Dandruff can easily spread from one person to another.

Understanding Dandruff Condition and Its Treatment

The condition is characterized by itching then whitish flakes appear either on your head or you notice them on your clothes. It is a very common condition that is easily treatable using different remedies. In order for you to treat it you must first understand what it is, what causes it and also the various treatments available.


What is dandruff?


Dandruff is the buildup of dead cells in the scalp of the head which the break up to form flakes. The body is designed to shed the dry cell and grow new ones in a rather silent process.


What causes dandruffs?


To get to know how to treat the condition you must first know it causes. The condition is caused by different factors the main ones including;




Although it normally occurs mainly on the elbow and knees, psoriasis can also affect the scalp. The skin disorder causes dead skin cells to accumulate in one area forming a silvery scale.


Seborrheic dermatitis


This is one of the major causes of dandruff. It is also commonly just referred to as irritated or oily skin since it characterized by greasy skin that is covered with white scales. It makes you feel itchy and does not only affect the scalp but also other areas that have oil glands.


Overgrowth of yeast


The yeast that exists in the scalp is not always problematic but when it grows out of control results to dandruff. They then begin on feeding on the oil that is being secreted by the scalp. This irritates your skin making it to grow new cells. The irritation makes you feel itchy resulting to the flaky dead cells falling off.


Having a dry scalp is often confused with dandruffs but the two are different. The flakes from dry skin are normally smaller and less oily when compared to those resulting from dandruffs. Dry skin also only appears when the scalp is exposed to too much hot weather without a chance of cooling down. This however slowly disappears in times of cool weather.


How to get rid of dandruff


Unfortunately there is no known cure of dandruff only effective treatment to help you get rid of it. After getting to know the causes, you need to arm yourself with the various treatment methods so as to go back to leaving a dandruff free life.


Wash your hair regularly


Washing your hair gets rid of any foreign material such as bacteria that cause complications. Since dandruff tends to thrive in oily conditions, washing with shampoo will contain it. The flaking which is a symptom of dandruff is easily eliminated in the wash also.


Use dandruff shampoos


There are a variety of shampoos such as tar based that are designed to fight off the dandruff. This shampoo is also anti-inflammatory thus taking care of the itchiness.


Avoid hair styling products


When you have a dandruff condition, adding other foreign chemicals in your hair are likely to make it worse. For the shampoos to be effective, it is advised that you stick to one brand, follow the instructions and use it regularly. To get the desired results you must always remember to stay positive.